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Investment in Switzerland

Based on our contacts you get the full service from us and it is not ending at the point after opening the company!
We offer you also the service of a supervisoring of your company during the operation time and we support you to find the best staff.
We can show you additional oportunities for your investments.


Our offer is based on supporting you with open your company based in Switzerland or to buy a currently dormant company.
We can look also for your potential investment into real estate.
We are your local partner in Switzerland!

Relocation und Real Estate

Together with our partners we can help you to get the best earning and savings based on your investment in Switzerland.
We can show you also the possibilities in the field of relocation, government tax savings and real estate.
Are you ready? You are welcome!

We do all of your backoffice work like mail service (scanning, forwarding, filing) or other work.
You can be focused on your main business - we will do the rest for you!
Our contacts help you to build up your company or we can support you in other projects as well.

Real estate service

We coordinate all work around your real property or your apartment.
We can organize the rental of your real estate - we do all what is neccessary for a easy and sucessful rental.
Doesn't matter if it is your holiday home, a ready furnished home or a house - we are ready for you!
We have best contacts to looking for your new real estate object in Switzerland.

Mentoring for companies


Our customers like our detail analysis and the methodik in change management, which improve the daily work.
Our customers likes our top down view and the links to other business parts.
The profit of our customers are our world wide links to investors to expand in business. We help you to get your projects funded from 5-100 million USD.

Start-ups and companies profit from our price model, which utilize us and guarantee the best effort for our clients.
Our experience in consult companies is a plus for our customers.


Strategy analysis
Marketing / Sales
Financial strategy
Mindset und Methodic


Faster Capital is one of the investors we work together world wide.

Start your project here!

CeTris and FasterCapital partnership

FasterCapital’s short Bio

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator that has a unique approach. It's based in Dubai Internet City (UAE).
FasterCapital will become the technical cofounder and our internal team will be responsible for building the whole product from A to Z. our unique model is called: co-founding and co-funding.
Co-founding means that FasterCapital will become a technical co-founder for the startup and will build its products from A-Z.
Co-funding means that we will also be ready to invest 50% (or in some cases more) of the capital needed and invest in the startup (even from the idea stage).
Of course, acting as a co-founder is not limited only to development but rather to improving the startup and its product, and consequently increasing the startup's chance of success, penetrating markets, and generating more income.
Unlike other incubators, FasterCapital focuses on quality more than quantity, therefore, it selects startups that are worthy and commits to them for the long term.

Art Consulting

We brush up your collection!
Our contacts helps ou to grow your collection.

For collectors

Direct contact to artists

For artists


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